Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Getaway

It's so important to just get away and escape from everyday life sometimes.  I went on an ever-so-minor-mini break this weekend to San Diego.  We stayed at La Estancia and it was incredibly cozy! The resort is pretty gorgeous and secluded.

On our balcony,I loved this little chair,intimately facing the garden.

There was a wedding in the courtyard. The setup looked so fairytale-like.

Stopped by a design store called My Own Space where this little guy greeted us at the door.

We were debating whether or not to get this Kartell Top Top dining table.

We decided on a no. The clear legs just don't do it for us. 

We had dinner at the Oceanaire. I've never had better crab cakes in my life (honestly) they melted in my mouth. Sadly we devoured them too fast before taking any pictures.

We ended it with a baked Alaska, which we got for free! The waitress messed up a few times and she felt so bad she gave us a free dessert. I kind of like it when this happens because getting free stuff always makes things sweeter, especially dessert. My husband was not that fond of it but I loved it. Anything with meringue,  ice cream,  and chocolate is good to me.

A few random pictures from our break:
The sunset

While browsing shops in La Jolla I came across this dress in a boutique. I know it's overly designed and almost tacky but I am really drawn to it. I think I could fill this one out nicely. If only there wasn't a $1500 price tag attached to it.

A perfect mini-getaway this weekend consisted of an intimate resort,  quality food,  gorgeous nature, and an awesome pair of shoes.

I kind of fell in love with these Michael Kors Suede Buckle Boots


  1. I completely agree. Sometimes we just need a break from the routine!
    Love the last picture of the shoes.

  2. Cool photos! I actually really like the Kartell table!

  3. That baked alaska looks deadly!

  4. Mini-break, yummy food, hot clothes... What more do you need? ;-) xx

  5. Tell Sameer I don't like him anymore because he doesn't like baked alaska.

  6. Sounds like a fabulous trip! I love San Diego. I think it is one of the prettiest cities. Your photos are beautiful and that dessert looks HEAVENLY! :)

  7. That dress is gorgeous!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  8. Baked Alaska and Michael Kors boots? That's ultimate relaxation...

  9. How they made the Baked Alaska was really cool. I thought I was going to catch on fire.

  10. how nice to do a quick get-away. love the view from your room!

  11. Love the recap of your vacation and all the photos. :)

  12. Lovely. Mini breaks are the best!