Friday, October 16, 2009

Balmain and The King

Balmain you've hit me in my soft spot. Everyone knows I have a serious love for the late king of pop.  I think some people truly embody style and he was definitely one of them.  Balmain has been using Michael Jackson as inspiration for a long time and they have nailed it. Balmain pieces seem to give a sense of of strength,  power, and confidence.

This blazer is all about the STRONG shoulder and it is so bad-ass. It should/could be worn with anything.  I know Zara has made a lot of copies of this shoulder this season. Has anyone tried them out yet?

It's the shoulder again. But this time it's a dress and covered in sequins.  So it's just 560958690 times more bad-ass.

This is it. This is what kills me. This is what would make me feel as gifted and invinsible as Michael was on stage if I were to ever wear it.

A few pictures of the king himself rocking Balmain.

Balmain studded jacket Spring 2009 and leapord pants fall 2008.

In the original Balmain Jacket.

Long live style.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Light up my room and inspire me while you do it.

Lately I've been obsessed with lamps. Whenever we check out furniture shops I am drawn to them. These are my latest fixations:

How amazing is this Phillipe Starck for Flos Gun Lamp? The base is 18K gold plated finish. Starck created this lamp to spur debate between the collusion of war and money. The side of the base reads "THIS IS A HOT GUN". I say genius.

This whimsical Jonathan Adler ceramic horse lamp would look kick-ass in any room.

Finally... the Kartell Bourgie lamp. I would like it in gold please.